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Wonderland Cannabis Store

Introducing Wonderland Cannabis Store, nestled in the St. Catharines region of Ontario, Canada. This cannabis haven spans an interior space of 2,500 square feet, providing a curated and inviting environment for cannabis enthusiasts. Explore a diverse selection of premium products and immerse yourself in a welcoming atmosphere at Wonderland Cannabis Store.

Z Square Group. The image depicts a well-lit and organized cannabis dispensary with various products on display, including bottles, jars, and shelves filled with items. There are also texts visible on the walls, such as "central CANNABIS central." The overall atmosphere of the dispensary appears welcoming and inviting, with a focus on showcasing the products and providing a comfortable shopping experience for customers.
Z Square Group. The image depicts a display of various types of cannabis products, including dried flowers, concentrates, and pre-rolled joints. The products are arranged on a wooden shelf, with labels and descriptions provided for each item.


Our project manager will contact you to arrange an online video conference or office meeting, during the meeting that you will be provided with initial information about the project, such as its zoning by-law feasibility, the permissible building area (GFA), project time frame, and preliminary construction estimate that suit your project.

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