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Lester Student Residence

Z Square Group. The image depicts a large, multi-story apartment building with multiple balconies and windows. The building is situated in a snowy environment, with cars parked on the street in front of it.

Presenting Lester Student Res, an innovative student residence spanning 40,000 square feet with 60 units. Strategically positioned in the heart of Waterloo, this residence stands adjacent to the esteemed University of Waterloo, offering unparalleled accessibility for students.

Each unit boasts a one-bedroom layout equipped with its own kitchen and bathroom, providing a private and functional living space. The thoughtful design also allows for the potential conversion into a two-bedroom configuration, adapting to the dynamic needs of students. Lester Student Res represents a modern and convenient living solution, fostering a vibrant and enriching student experience in the thriving academic hub of Waterloo.

Z Square Group. The image depicts a modern office space with a concrete wall, a black rug, and a framed poster hanging on the wall.
Z Square Group. The image shows a modern kitchen with white appliances, a dishwasher, a refrigerator, and a microwave oven. There is also a dining table and chairs in the room. The walls are painted white, and the floor is made of hardwood.
Z Square Group. The image depicts a modern apartment with a living room, kitchen, and a bedroom. The living room features a gray couch, a coffee table, and a television. The kitchen has white cabinets, a dining table, and a refrigerator. The bedroom has a bed, a nightstand, and a window.
Z Square Group. The image depicts a spacious bedroom with a large bed, a desk with a chair, and a large painting on the wall. The room is well-lit and has a wooden floor.
Z Square Group. The image depicts a modern office space with a variety of furniture and decorations. There are several chairs, a couch, and a coffee table in the room. The walls are painted in different colors, and there are two paintings hanging on the wall. The floor is made of wood and has a striped pattern.
Z Square Group. The image depicts a modern office space with a wooden floor, white walls, and a grey ceiling. There are several pieces of furniture in the room, including orange and blue chairs, a wooden coffee table, and a white desk with a computer monitor and keyboard. The room also features a whiteboard on the wall, a small refrigerator, and a microwave. There are several people sitting in the room, engaged in conversation or working on their computers.
Z Square Group. The image depicts a floor plan of a building with various rooms and spaces, including a living room, bedroom, and bathroom. The floor plan is detailed and shows the layout of the rooms, as well as the location of windows, doors, and other architectural features.
Z Square Group. The image depicts a building with multiple floors, featuring a mix of windows and balconies. The building has a unique architectural design, with a combination of rectangular and triangular shapes. The elevations of the building are described in detail, providing a comprehensive understanding of its structure and layout.


Our project manager will contact you to arrange an online video conference or office meeting, during the meeting that you will be provided with initial information about the project, such as its zoning by-law feasibility, the permissible building area (GFA), project time frame, and preliminary construction estimate that suit your project.

Thanks for submitting, we will contact you soon!

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