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2.Rezoning and Site plan approval stage

In this phase, rezoning and site plan approval drawings are developed based on the development direction clarified in the previous stage. The drawings in this stage primarily specify the architectural site plan, floor layouts, area, floor area ratio, unit types, exterior rendering, and the selection of exterior building materials

1.Feasibility study stage

The feasibility study mainly consists of three tasks. The first step involves preliminary land investigation to understand the current land usage, planning requirements, and the creation of massing study drawings based on the developer's intentions. The second step entails holding a pre-consultation meeting with relevant municipal authorities associated with the land to ascertain the feasibility of the massing study and to be aware of considerations for land development. The third step involves synthesizing information gathered in the first two steps, collaborating with the developer, and adjusting the development plan to clearly define the future development direction.

4.Contract administration stage

Architectural contract administration refers to the phase of a construction project during which the architect or architectural firm oversees and manages the implementation of the construction contract. This phase involves activities that ensure the construction work aligns with the approved design, adheres to specifications, and meets the standards outlined in the construction documents. Architectural contract administration is a crucial aspect of project management and involves various responsibilities to facilitate the successful completion of the construction project.

3.Building permit and construction drawings stage

An architectural building permit is an official document issued by a local government or relevant authority that grants approval for the construction, alteration, or demolition of a building or structure. This permit is a crucial legal requirement in the process of executing architectural plans and ensures that the proposed construction complies with local building codes, zoning regulations, safety standards, and other applicable laws.

Architectural construction drawings, often simply referred to as construction drawings or blueprints, are detailed and precise illustrations created by architects and other design professionals. These drawings serve as a comprehensive set of documents that provide specific information about the construction or renovation of a building. They are a crucial part of the communication process between the design team and the construction team, contractors, and various stakeholders involved in the building process.


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