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Main St Development

Welcome to 6424 Main St Development, a distinctive project situated in the heart of Stouffville, just east of Toronto. Spanning 1.5 acres, this four-story marvel encompasses 35,000 square feet of architectural excellence, featuring a total of 35 thoughtfully designed units.

Nestled in the historic preservation district of Main Street, Stouffville, the development pays homage to the local architectural heritage. While presenting a modern facade, the design seamlessly integrates traditional materials and architectural elements, harmonizing with the historic surroundings.

Z Square Group. The image depicts a large, modern building with multiple floors and a large glass facade. The building is situated in a residential area with trees and a street nearby.

6424 Main St Development stands as a testament to blending contemporary living with the rich history of Stouffville. Each unit is a unique expression of sophisticated design, offering residents a perfect fusion of modern luxury and the charm of Main Street's storied past.

Z Square Group. The image depicts a set of architectural elevations for a building located at 6424 Main St in Whitchurch-Stouffille, ON. The elevations include a west elevation, a north elevation (rear), and a south elevation (front). Each elevation provides a detailed view of the building's facade, showcasing various architectural elements such as windows, doors, and balconies.


Our project manager will contact you to arrange an online video conference or office meeting, during the meeting that you will be provided with initial information about the project, such as its zoning by-law feasibility, the permissible building area (GFA), project time frame, and preliminary construction estimate that suit your project.

Thanks for submitting, we will contact you soon!

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