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Old Kennedy Townhouse Development

Nestled in the heart of Markham, the 186 Old Kennedy Townhouse development project is a testament to modern living. Spanning an impressive 2 hectares, this expansive project comprises a total of 94 townhouse units, offering a harmonious blend of contemporary design and functionality. With ample space for 266 parking spots, convenience meets sophistication in this thoughtfully planned community.

The townhouses are divided into two distinct models, labeled as A and B, each catering to different lifestyle needs. Model A boasts a generous 2300 square feet, while Model B offers a comfortable 1800 square feet, ensuring a diverse range of options to suit residents' preferences.

Z Square Group. The image depicts a modern apartment complex with multiple parking spaces. There are several cars parked in the parking lot, and the building appears to have multiple floors.

Embracing a modern architectural style, the townhouses feature clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. The exterior design incorporates a blend of materials, including precast concrete panels, bricks, and wood-grain aluminum composite panels. This mix of elements not only adds visual interest but also reflects a commitment to quality and contemporary design principles.

Z Square Group. The image depicts a modern, multi-story residential building with a mix of white, gray, and brown tones. The building features a total of six floors, each with multiple windows and balconies. The facade is adorned with various architectural elements, such as columns and arches, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall design. The building is situated in a residential area, surrounded by trees and a sidewalk, giving it a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Beyond the stylish facades, the 186 Old Kennedy Townhouse project prioritizes functionality and practicality. The carefully planned layout and ample parking spaces enhance the overall livability of the community, providing residents with a comfortable and convenient living experience.

With its commitment to modern aesthetics, thoughtful design, and a prime location in Markham, the 186 Old Kennedy Townhouse development stands as a beacon of contemporary living, offering residents a unique blend of style and substance.

Z Square Group. The image depicts a modern apartment building with a multi-level parking garage. The building has a sleek and contemporary design, with a mix of white, gray, and black colors. The parking garage is located on the ground floor and features multiple levels of parking spaces. There are two people walking on the sidewalk in front of the building, giving a sense of scale and context to the structure.


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