Four Pitfalls New Home Owner Need to Avoid

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Expansive? Delayed Schedule? Find out why and how to avoid these problems


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Architectural & Interior Design

Our team of professional architects, interior designers, and professional engineers are 100% committed to helping you achieve your dream home.

COA & Permit

We work to achieve Committee of Adjustment approval to maximize potential and value of your property. Our consultants also facilitate permit approvals with the city using comprehensive drawing packages that explain our great success rate.


Our Tarion registered builder provides accurate construction quotation – not an estimation. Down to the finest details such as door handles and light switches, we work to maintain our reputation for low contingency rates, and a predictable schedule.


Four Pitfalls 1st Time Home Owner Need to Avoid


1. No More Over Budget

With a fully inhouse team of architects, interior designers, engineers, builders, and material suppliers, we quote on cost, not estimate. Clarify construction cost from day one.

Our clients can achieve their goals with our financially intuitive quotes right from project launch. An endless climb in cost during construction is often explained by unrealistically low builder pricing that with missing elements and non matching-quality material for attractive pricing. Estimates require upgrades and quality checks during construction can drive up project cost by up to 10%~30% higher than your initial fixed contract, and extend move-in schedule significantly. With full inhouse team, We prioritize a detailed costing and schedule that ensures your first quote is almost always your final quote. Our greatest pride is our ability to minimize contingency on every building project.


2. No More Coordination Add-up

Efficiency - We do everything in-house.

Due to a highly disconnected professional market, architects, engineers, builders, and material suppliers work alone and this disrupts communication and problem-solving. To overcome these and inherent cost implications, we have created a product-driven work environment with inhouse architects, engineers, interior designers, builders, and material suppliers. We guarantee top-of-class design & build service at competitive pricing. A dedicated architect project manager leads your weekly in-person and cloud-based coordination during construction to keep everything to budget and schedule.


3. No More Unknown Construction Schedule

Real-Time: Our Cloud-based App updates owner 24/7

In home construction, sub-trades often have overlapped job schedules and a small incidence could considerably delay your home. Waiting on one trade could create a chain delay effect. Hence, we manage all the trades through a cloud-based scheduling tool that updates schedules in real-time to enhance booking efficiency, material delivery and trade coordination.  The project schedule also comes as an accessible online calendar on our client portal.


4. No More Cookie-Cutter House

Bespoke: International Award-Winning Architects for Custom-Designed Homes.

in ZSG, our architects have teamed up leading national companies with experience and expertise on well known national and international projects. With professional degree in architecture and on-going years of practices in insitituional, commercial, residential and development, we bring unmatched industry expertise to your dream home. We are committed to the belief that no two homes should be alike or mass produced.
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