What is the process of building a new house?

We break down our process into 20 steps:

  1. Find a land 

  2. Due-diligence to confirm building area based on land

  3. Hire a Surveyor to produce a construction survey

  4. Hire an architect to have a start-up meeting to explain (layout, function, number of bedrooms, budget etc.)

  5. To confirm conceptual design (layout, function, etc.), confirm if you need additional floor space.

  6. The architect to apply for the Committee of Adjustment if additional floor space is needed.

  7. Architect to retain structural engineer and mechanical engineer.

  8. Produce Architectural building permit, structural permit, mechanical permit drawings

  9. Architect to submit building permit to the municipal authority. 

  10. While waiting for municipal review, architect or interior designer to prepare material selection list for both exterior and interior.

  11. Builder to prepare construction cost, based on building permit package and material selection list, go through warranty with client.

  12. Builder and client to adjust material selection to meet budget & expectations. 

  13. Building permit issued

  14. Construction start

  15. Builder to update construction schedule based on construction progress, client to pay construction fee based on the progress 

  16. Architect & engineer to provide additional drawings required either by builder or city inspector

  17. Client to check overall deficiency before occupancy

  18. Builder to fix all deficiency 

  19. Contractor to coordinate city inspector for final inspection, contractor to explain future warranty policy 

  20. Occupancy & warranty start 

I am looking for land to build a new home, what advice do you have for me?

  1. Check geographical location make sure it meets your daily routine.

  2. Hire an architect to check GFA according to the zoning bylaw

  3. Hire an architect to check if the land lot is within a conservation area, adjacent to a railway or any municipal service involved.

  4. Check with an architect or builder to see the appropriate overall budget to fit the community. 

  5. Based on the overall land and construction budget, check financial feasibility.

How long does it take to build a new house?

  1. In Ontario, the design phase is about 5-6 months, construction for a single-family home is 10-12th. 

  2. With the committee of adjustment, the design phase is about 9-10 months construction for a single-family home is 10-12 months.

  3. With conservation authority, the design phase is about 6-12 months construction for a single-family home is 10-12 months.

  4. With the committee of adjustment and conservation authority, the design phase is about 10-18 months, construction for a single-family home is 10-12 months

How much does a new home cost?

On average, Ontario's new build custom home costs around $250-300 CAD per square foot, based on the 2021 market price. On the lower end, the cost per square foot is $180, and $350 can be considered high-end.

Should I build a new home from scratch or buy a pre-built home?

  1. If you have a time concern, consider whether the build process meets your timeline.

  2. In general, a home developer to build a custom home is part of level 3 development. To build from scratch, you save part of the home developer's profit. You will generally get a better home for the same cost but spend more time

I need more space for my existing home. Should I go with addition or new construction?

  1. In general, the cost per square foot for addition is way higher than the new construction cost. 

  2. In general, cost per square for addition or renovation, including floor height change and floor layout revision, overall can be more expansive than a new build. 

  3. If budget is allowed, new build is encouraged to maximize land value. 

Do I need an architect to design a home? Many builders can provide house drawings.

First to check whether builders have in-house architects or are they outsourcing to other architects. It is better to find builders with in-house architects or directly hire an architect. If the house is intended for your family, it is better to hire an architect for better communication and overall service.

Do you also build homes?

Z Square Group is a full-service design and build firm specializing in custom home and commercial building development. With over 30 in-house staff of architects, engineers, interior designers, builders, and material suppliers are committed to your project’s success.

Why should I opt for a design-build service?

It is better to have architects, engineers and builders under one roof for the following reason:
1. No-more Over-Budget
2. No-more Schedule Delay
3. No-more Cookie-cutter Home
Go to our custom-home section for detailed explanation or book a free consultation session with us (upper right button)

Do you do home renovation?

At this time, we do not offer general renovation service.

Do I need to pay for construction fee at the design stage?

No, you don't. You only pay for design at the design stage. The construction fee is issued after the drawings are approved by the client & the city.

Can I get a bank loan for new home construction?

Yes, check with your bank specialist for details. Or you can talk to us, as we have an in-house construction loan specialist for custom-home and development.

I already have my drawings approved by the city and looking for contractors to provide quotes. What advice do you have for me?

  1. We can review your drawing with our in-house architects and engineers for value engineering to determine if the permitted drawings are feasible to build. 

  2. Our engineer and designer to assist you in selecting all exterior and interior materials.

  3. Our inhouse contractor will provide you with the cost (not an estimate) with minimal contingency

What if there are quality issues after I move in. Do I get any warranty for the new construction?

Our clients are spending life savings for their new home, and nothing is more important than ensuring a high-quality home that will last. 
We offer best in class HCRA or equivalent warranty for all the customers using our construction service. The 1-2-7 years warranty is as follows:
1 Year Warranty: on surface & finishes 
2 Year Warranty: on HVAC, insulation, water barrier and building envelope
7 Year Warranty: on housing structure
Contact us for warranty details. 

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