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Three Pitfalls to Avoid for our Commercial & Retail client

1. Avoid Occupancy Pitfalls

Are you certain that the space you are looking for can be used for the occupancy as you intended? Think of the following questions: is zoning permitted? Enough parking space for the specific occupancy you intended? Many of our clients came with drawings ready, but then discovered the intend either cannot be done – or have to go through the building management’s change of planning – a waste of time money, and only benefits the landlord.

The usual causes are one of the two: Real estate agents do not have the competence in commercial real-estate due diligence, or the management did not fully inform the client as they suppose to.

At Z Square Group we offer our clients a pre-long term rental due-diligence service, to ensure your space can be used as you envisioned it to be.


2. Avoid Overbudgeting

“I have got all the permitted drawings, but my contractor told me the drawings cannot be used for construction.”

A common misperception - permit drawings is not equal to construction documents – although many people still do this to “save time and money”.

Many incompetent architectural drawings can be permitted, but cannot be used for construction. For example: method of construction does not comply with building management regulation, HVAC system does not connect to the existing system, or pipes must go through other units. A change of order during construction phase is very costly and time consuming and is one of the main reasons for grossly overbudgeting and schedule delay.

At Z Square Group, our multidisciplinary team of architects, engineers are required to do site visit and due-diligence before we produce our drawings, to ensure the permitted drawings are fully constructable.


3. Avoid Unexpected Construction Suspension

“My project gets suspended halfway during construction by the property management. But everything is permitted by the city and my contractor has verified the drawings”.

Commercial property management company have a specific construction standard for their buildings – a typical permitted drawings need to adjust construction method according to the property management construction standard. For example, some management companies do now allow for new sewage drain, all drain must be connected to existing drainage; Partition wall cannot be opened in any circumstances, new partition walls are needed over of existing walls for electrical wiring.

This happens when the design firm did not do enough research and due diligence, while the property management did not fully inform the client during the retail process. Such suspension delays the project and increase the overall cost.

At Z Square Group, we review the property management guideline & standard, and make adjustment to the drawings to comply the property management standard. In a simple term, the construction document must comply both city’s standard and property management’s standard.

Service Offerings


Occupancy due Diligence

recommend service before signing a long-term leasee Estimate

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Building Permit

Architectural, Structural & Mechanical. With site investigation to ensure building permit can be followed with construction.

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Property Management Construction Guideline Adjustment

All permit drawings should be adjusted according to property management construction guidline.

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Process for Commercial & Retail Projects

We break down our process into 12 steps:

Check zoning for occupancy

On site investigation to confirm existing mechanical HVAC, structure location and condition

Confirm floor plan & design

 Contact property management for standards, adjust permit drawings accordingly 

Final verification for architectural drawings & mechanical drawings compatibility. 

 Submit permit drawing to the city after the property management sign of

Parking related stats for occupancy

Confirm Client Demand & functional space design

 Adjust drawings to ensure the drawings can be constructed with existing site condition

Architectural, mechanical permit

Send Permit drawings to property management for their review

12.    Administration &  adjustments during construction for supplemental drawings

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Selected Custom Home & other projects

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