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 Z Square Group., founded in 2016 by Mengdi Zhen and Nan Zeng, is a professional architectural services incorporation, focused on professional services in architecture, interior, landscape, and construction. ZSC also provide professional services in project management for large-scale project. Z Square Group is registered with Ontario Architect Association and Manitoba Architect Association as authorized professional practice.  


Z 平方建筑事务所由加拿大注册建筑师甄梦頔和曾楠于2016年1月1号成立于加拿大多伦多,是一家加拿大建筑协会认证的年轻的专业建筑事务所。主要业务范围包括地产开发规划, 建筑设计,室内设计,园林景观设计, 及相关开发项目许可申报和施工监理,并提供大型地产开发项目甲方建筑设计及开发顾问。